What To Look For In A Wood And Metal Bed Frame For Your Bedroom

To get a good night’s sleep, a full size metal bed with solid wood slats is an excellent choice. Wooden slats have become quite popular in bed frame design, offering the same benefits as box-springs without using one. Metal is also an eco-friendly material choice, with better weight capacity, easier to handle, and less expensive than a lot of purely wood bed frames.

What Is The Best Bed Frame?

A metal platform bed frame with wood slat support is a strong contender for being an optimum choice but there is a lot to look at when considering what bed frame you and your mattress require.

If you have a low-quality or old mattress, even the best bed frame won’t make much of a difference to your overall sleep. If you want to have the best sleep possible, a good quality mattress and high-quality sheets are a solid investment.

Back onto the subject of bed frames, a big advantage you will find with metal/wood frames assuming they’re designed properly with wood slats are that they don’t squeak, creak, or move while you’re in bed. This is where metal surpasses wood. Wood creaks as it ages but metal bed frames won’t.

What To Look For When Buying A Bed Frame

  • Size of your mattress. Most importantly, you want a bed frame to fit the size of your mattress.
  • Type of bed frame. A traditional box-spring bed frame is different from a wood and metal bed frame with slats. When there are slats involved, this is also known as a platform bed frame.
  • Cost. A high-quality bed frame should cost minimum $100-$150. Anything lower than $100 is low-quality. When you start getting above the $200 mark, you’re starting to get into premium bed frames, with some high-end frames fetching thousands.
  • Material for a bed frame. Metal and wood are the two materials that often get used for bed frames. Purely wood frames are natural, solid, and durable, though they are more expensive and tend to creak over time. Metal, by comparison, is durable, lightweight, affordable, and more stylish from a trendy modern-minimalist home décor perspective.
  • Integrated or separate bed frame. An integrated bed frame has a headboard, side rails, and a footboard. They’re a more fully complete, finished aesthetic compared to a minimalist and modern bed frame.
  • Height. Most bed frames are in the 23-28 inches off the ground range. Some are higher or lower, however.

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