Why Are Cats Attracted To Cat Scratcher Cardboard?

There is no shortage of cat furniture and cat scratches out there on the market, using catnip-covered fabric or corrugated cardboard to encourage cats to sharpen their claws. A cat will utilize a scratcher for various reasons, however. It’s not all about the claws, although that’s an important part.

Here are a few of the reasons why a cat scratcher cardboard makes sense.

Cats Like To Play

Cats like to play. Especially kittens. No matter the age though, cats have energy and want to exercise.

The process of sharpening their claws works those muscles and, if there are multiple felines in the house, they may have this as a chance to play near your cat scratching cardboard.

Marks Their Territory

A cat scratcher is used to mark territory. There are scent glands in a cat’s paws. As they scratch, the scent spreads and the visual markings make it so that the other cats know an area’s been claimed.

This sort of territorial marking behavior is normal and is another reason to buy cat scratcher cardboard.

Cats Need To De-Stress

For a cat, clawing cat furniture relieves stress. You may not think that a cat gets anxious but they can.

Any pain or illness, exposure to a disease, lack of socialization, or a past history of trauma, abuse, or neglect can all cause stress in a cat’s life. By scratching, it gives your kitten something else to focus on.

Feeds Into Their Natural Instinct

A cat has a natural instinct to scratch. They love scratching posts and corrugated cardboard because it gives them some place to express themselves and taps into that instinct of claw sharpening.

Protects Your Furniture From Claw Marks

Having a cat scratcher cardboard with catnip will protect your furniture from claw marks. If you have ever noticed your furniture starting to fray and tear, and you have a cat, those two things are probably linked.

By giving your cat a place to get their clawing done, they’ll no longer be going at your chair, couch, mattress, or whatever else that’s around the house.

Cat Furniture Is Something For Them

Any sort of cat furniture is a major get for a cat. After they discover it’s something for them, they will love laying near it, playing with it, and making it their own hangout. If you don’t have a scratcher, your cat might not have this same sort of pleasure or direct certain behaviours to elsewhere in your home.

Remember that the best cat scratcher is what appeals to the cat. A scratcher should be sturdy, high-quality in design, and comfortable.

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