Buy A Pantum P2500W Wireless Laser Printer For Back To School Season!

For teachers and students alike, even in this eco-friendly paperless age, we still occasionally require a printer to print off assignments, documents, and necessary paperwork through the school season.

Perhaps the best printer on sale for back to school season is the Pantum P2500W wireless laser printer.

With this printer, you don’t need to connect yourself by cable to the printer to use it. It’s easily discoverable with enhanced connectivity and is from an acclaimed brand. Pantum sells laser printers and toner cartridges all over the world. Predominantly made for organizations such as schools and universities, enterprises, government organizations, and high-end customers, the Pantum P2500W wireless laser printer is on sale right now. Here’s why we think it should be an automatic buy for you.

Print From Mobile Devices

You don’t need to print from a laptop or computer. When you need to, you can use the Pantum P2500W printer with a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. It’s up to you. With Office Document Direct Print capabilities, it’s easy.

Toner Cartridges Are Affordable

When it comes time to buy new Pantum P2500W printer toner cartridges, you can via Browse standard yield and high yield toner cartridges at better prices than anywhere else, available online in Canada.

You have a 1-year warranty on the Pantum printer and similar warranties on the toner cartridges.

Highly Economical

If you’re looking for the best back to school deals, you will find them in the catalogue and this Pantum laser printer is only one such example.

On top of the initial printer purchase, the Pantum toner cartridges are also very inexpensive, at $0.04/page. It’s one of the most economical printer choices for any student, teacher, or organization in need this semester.

Fast Print Speed

A toner Pantum printer like the P2500W works quickly and efficiently, perfect when you have to print dozens of pages. This Pantum product works at 22 pages per minute. It’s faster than any ink printer. That’s what you get with a monochrome laser printer.

Fairly Compact Size

For as powerful a printer as the Pantum P2500W is, it’s not overly bulky or large. It will fit neatly in anywhere and won’t take up more room than what’s necessary.

If you have an older printer that isn’t working like it used to, kick it to the curb! Join as we celebrate our Back To School sale and buy your own high-quality Pantum P2500W wireless laser printer.

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