Meet an Alternative for Studio Lighting at a lower Cost – Light Panels

LED panel from
LED panel from

Studio lighting is not an area where there has been a lot of development or innovation in a long time. Though it might seem like an automatic decision to make to go with the traditional lighting selection, there’s an alternative for studio lighting which is just as effective yet priced at a much lower cost.

The line of light panels provided by are some of the best in the Canadian market. Already used in hundreds of spaces across Canada, these can be counted on for an environmentally efficient and reliable performance. These light panels provide impressive brightness levels and can be modified according to where placement is best. Portable and an easy-to-use travel companion, use these light panels to take your studio work to the next level.

LED panel from
LED panel from

Currently has a number of exclusive deals on light panels for studio lighting, with our best being the 10/Pack T8 LED Light Tube 4FT 16W 5000K 2000LM Single Ended Power cETL DLC Listed Ballast Bypass for $89.99. There are also some other light panel options to consider, including the (10Pack)T8 LED Light Tube 4FT 18W 5000K 1980 LM Plug& Play Nano Material cUL DLC Ballast Compatible for $119.99 and the 2FT X 2FT LED Panel Light, 40W 4000K cUL DLC listed – 2/Pack for $99.99.

The advantage of shopping with is that we don’t push product you don’t need. Please feel encouraged to browse our catalogue to find what it is that you do need. Depending on requirements for size, brightness, and portability, you may find some of our products far better suited to your work than others.

Choose between light panels to find the brightness setting you want, the flexibility you need, and even better, save a few bucks in the process. These same light panels sold into corporate retail and corporate eCommerce end up being sold at higher cost. So instead of dealing with a company that just wants to bleed a buck from their customers irrelevant of product quality, choose

When you buy light panels for studio lighting at low cost from, know that you are buying from a Canadian-made and Canadian-owned company. stands by the quality of our products, ensuring that our customers receive the best possible experience opening up the packaging and putting their light panels to use for the first time. Buy through today and save up to hundreds of dollars on light panels!

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