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Today, is offering a wide range of high quality party supplies available exclusively through one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce platforms. For those of us who regularly shop online, buying party supplies through a site like just makes sense.


After all, visiting the Dollarama, Dollar Tree, and similar corporate retail discount stores, one will find very limited selections of what to buy. Through, browse endlessly through party tableware, holiday and seasonal supplies, birthday party supplies, wedding party supplies, party toys, party favors, party balloons, party decorations, gift packaging, and candles. Select items that match the theme, style, and color of your party, and get it all at big discounts, saving money in the long-term. Choose from more subtle designs to bigger party supplies. Depending on what you’re going for, mix and match according to the occasion. As practical as they are cute, party supplies can be made perfect for any space. Buy these party supplies at wholesale cost plus free shipping.


As Canada sits covered struggling somewhere between winter and summer, there’s no reason to head outside to get the party supplies you want for your get-together. For everything you need, stock up today through and don’t look back, and get everything super cheap!


Some of the biggest sellers we got going includes the Party Paper Beverage Napkins 25*25CM 2ply Red 50Pcs – LivingBasics™ for $0.99, the Cake Stands Buffet Wedding Party Cupcake Carriers Transparent Acrylic, 5 Tier Circle SortWise™ for $14.99, the Premium Plastic Party Dinner Plate 10.25″ white silver, 10Pcs – LivingBasics™ for $3.99, the Party Plastic Table Cover Round, Sunflower Yellow Solid 84″ for $1.29, and the Premium Silver Plastic Mix Fork/Knife/Spoon 24Pcs – LivingBasics™ for $1.99.


This spring and summer, there’s a lot of parties on the way we know. Trying to get one to stand out among them all is challenging. Trade in the typical and the same-old beat-up party supplies for something new. Add flare here and there, spruce up the space with the unexpected, and find all you need and more in party fun at Creating the perfect balance for a party space takes the expertise of an experienced party planner combined with the right source for party supplies.


At, we want to be the country’s #1 party supplies company. As we continue to build our catalogue, we invite any and every party planner in for a quick visit! Throw the shindig of your life and load it up with the highest quality party supplies in Canada.

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