Did you Know Living.ca Sells Commercial LED Lights at the Lowest Prices in Canada

high bay LED light canada
high bay LED light canada

Commercial LED lights do not come at a cheap cost. In many cases, purchasing the amount needed require having to spend hundreds of dollars and sometimes thousands. By shopping with Living.ca, you can see huge savings on commercial LED lights that’ll leave more money in your pocket. Through Canada-only discounts, deals, and promotions, save literally hundreds!


Commercial LED lights are some of the most advanced lighting products on the market today. The latest generation are bright, long-lasting, and their effects span feet when used correctly. Installation is easy and straightforward, and as more commercial enterprises have come to use them, the prices on these lights and fixtures have come down quite a bit within the past decade. Be sure to browse through our catalogue to see some of the super-efficient commercial lighting, high bay lights, and industrial lights available today for purchase with fast, free shipping on orders above $49 to anywhere in Canada.

commercial LED light
commercial LED light

Throughout our short history, Living.ca has become to go-to resource for all things commercial lights. Lightweight, easily installed, and cost-efficient, commercial and industrial spaces can see some major upgrades when choosing to purchase their commercial lighting from us. For those seeking an upgrade to their existing lighting, high-efficiency commercial lighting, choosing to go with Living.ca is a great way forward. The latest additions to our catalogue have proven to be even more cost-effective and energy-efficient, and are easily integratable into any existing building management system.


Some of the most popular commercial LED lights in Canada include the UFO 150 Watt LED Highbay Lights- Ultra Efficient 135 Lumens to Watts High bay Non-Dimmable 5000K for $199.99, the LED 50W 4 ft LED Linear Light, 0-10V Dimmable 4000K, UL & cUL Listed for $149.99, the LED 30W Wall Pack Light, HPS/HID Replacement, 5000K, UL & cUL Listed for $99.99, and the 150 Watt LED Highbay Lights- High bay Non-Dimmable 5000K for $229.99.


No one does commercial LED lights better than Living.ca – not on quality and not on price. Living.ca provides commercial LED lights operating at greater efficiency, maximizing energy savings and easily modifiable light patterns. The design enhancements made to these commercial lighting products have made them some of the best in Canada.


With Living.ca, browse the lowest prices in Canada on featured items including LED bulbs, LED tubes and panels, commercial and industrial LED lighting, LED lamps, and other commercial-related fixtures and products. For commercial LED lighting solutions, there’s only one place to shop – that’s Living.ca.



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