Get all your Party Supplies Kitchen Tableware under $2 at

Get Party tableware cheap from
Get Party tableware cheap from

Individual $2 party supplies in Canada can end up totalling well above $25 or even hundreds, depending on the size of the party and the occasion. Party supplies should not have to be so expensive. It’s a party after all – it’s not supposed to break your budget. The next time you’re working with a few dollars less than preferable and want to save on party supplies kitchen tableware, buy through is a fast growing Canadian eCommerce site specializing in party supplies kitchen tableware and décor. When you browse through our catalogue, you will find hundreds of products to choose from. Build your party item by item, and pick according to the theme and style. There’s no reason to go with the inventory at the local Dollarama. No one wants to go to, experience, or plan the same old boring party. Instead, make it fun. Sure, keep with some of the expected traditions but throw in an item or two that people might not be expecting. Even better, take everything up a notch by going with some truly high-class, exclusive party supplies.


Some of the most popular party supplies in the catalogue includes the Premium Silver Plastic Fork/Spoon/Knives 24Pcs – LivingBasics™ for $1.99, the Premium Party Plastic Disp Tumbler With Silver Rim 10oz 8Pcs – LivingBasics™ for $1.99, the Party Paper Lunch Napkins 33*33CM 2ply 50Pcs – LivingBasics™ for $1.49, the Party Paper Dessert Plate 7″, 50Pcs – LivingBasics™ for $1.99, the Polka Dot Paper Guest Towel Dinner Napkin 33*40CM 3Ply 24Pcs – Living Basics™ for $1.99, the Party Paper Strip Straw Hard Drinking Paper 0.8*20cm 25Pcs – LivingBasics™ for $1.49, the Honeycomb Tissue Paper Ball for Party Decoration 12” Turquois for $1.49, and more.


There are countless occasions year-round to throw parties for. The summer alone comes with its fair share of family get-togethers, corporate retreats, and more. Consider putting a twist on some of these with specialized party supplies and kitchen tableware. There’s plenty to browse on discount under $2 and additional party supplies above the $2 mark that might be of interest. If you’ve ever dreamed of throwing the ultimate party, can at least cover the basics in party supplies and kitchen tableware to get you there.


Shop with today and enjoy specials on a wide range of under-$2 party supplies and kitchen tableware products. Don’t compromise fun for budget, or the other way around. Saving money is not so hard when you’re planning with

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