Get a 17-piece wrench / screwdriver / hand tool repair kit from for less than $15

Get this wrench, hammer, and repair tool kit, on sale for just $9.99, until June 5, from

hammer screw driver repairing kit
hammer screw driver repairing kit

The 17-piece household kit contains everything you need for everyday maintenance and repair, including: hammer, wrench, pliers, and screwdriver, as well as 12 bits. The hammer features a rubber grip; the wrench does too, as well as being conventionally adjustable; and there’s also lineman’s pliers and a screwdriver with a dozen different magnetic bits.


They’re all easy to use, out of the box, and fit snugly into a small, portable carrying kit, measuring just 28 x 18 x 4cm and weighing less than a kilogram, making it the perfect way to do small repairs all around your property, or pack up and take with you on the road. Everything you need to maintain your home is included, giving you the freedom to assemble furniture, install patio furniture in the backyard, hang picture frames, resolve simple plumbing problems, repair your bicycle, and everything else.


Each tool comes with a rubber handle and is made with high-strength material, manufactured and heat treated to provide the best in durability and lifespan.


If you’ve already got a general collection of tools at home, this kit makes a perfect addition to your office, car, or vacation spot, with everything you could possibly need when you’re away from home. Most multi-bit screwdriver kits come with dozens of bits, sockets and pliers, but few, if any at all, come included with a hammer and in such small dimensions. This 17-piece kit makes for a perfect gift for friends, weddings, and for anyone you know who’s just moved or returned to school. It’s great to have on boats, on camping trips, and in the car.


You know what they say: rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. Panic no more. The 17-piece repair kit has all the gear you need to become the go-to repairperson at home.


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