4 Reasons to Buy a Bike Trunk Mount Rack for your Car

If you’re an avid biker or have hopes of becoming one, buying a bike trunk mount rack has its advantages. For those that have tried, transporting a bicycle even in something the size of a mini-van is not sustainable nor possible without possibility of vehicle damage.


Alternatively, mounting your bicycle to your vehicle is an easy way to load up to get to where you need to get going. If you’re looking to get to the trails, a bike trunk mount rack is your best bet. Here’s 4 reasons why.


1 – You don’t need to lift your bike up to the roof of your vehicle


Carrying your bicycle to the roof of your vehicle, for those of us that are not over six feet tall, can be a real hassle. At any moment, losing balance or letting the bicycle go at the wrong moment can cause serious damage. The last thing anyone wants to do after a long bike ride through the trails is to have to lift it back up to the roof. Instead, a bike trunk mount rack is an easy solution.


2 – No risks of losing your bike on a drive-thru or overpass


No matter how careful one is, there’s always the possibility one could forget they’re driving with a bicycle attached to the roof. Driving into a covered garage, moving under an overpass, or going through the drive-thru have been known to destroy bikes left on top. If your bicycle is particularly expensive, you’ll want to ensure it’s protected as well as your vehicle is.


3 – You won’t damage the finish of your roof


Installing a roof rack on the top of your vehicle can scratch paint or cause body damage. Even when everything’s been installed right, if you lose grip of your bike while moving it to the roof, it could scratch. Though it might not be something to be super concerned about, a scratch is a scratch and that’s not good for you or the vehicle’s value.


4 – A bike trunk mount rack is easily removable


Unlike the difficulties of removing a rack you’ve installed on the roof of your vehicle, a bike trunk mount rack can be easily removed when not in use!


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