Five must-have summer tools and accessories for your home!

After spring cleaning, your home might feel in need of something new, and summer tools and summer accessories are available now at! Order any five items and get free shipping coast-to-coast, all nationwide. With warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, you’re sure to start the season off right with our extensive product catalogue, so you can make the most of the warmth and the sunshine.


For starters, check out the GreenWise™ 4 Tier Portable Mini Greenhouse, priced at just $45.99. This covered shelving unit is uniquely designed for storing your plants, fruits and vegetables in a nurturing, greenhouse environment that keeps your potted and bedded flowers and fresh greens safe, warm, and organized. Installation is easy, and you can set it up on your patio, deck, balcony, or in the backyard, to maximize your storage space and make any space greener in minutes. Resistant to cold and winds, it even houses plants well for wintertime, so you can use it all year round.


You might also need the GreenWise™ Wheelbarrow Garden Dump Cart 3.5 Cubic Foot Steel Tray W/Pneumatic Tires, for just $59.99. This versatile, durable, heavy-duty wheelbarrow is perfectly designed for transporting dirt, mulch, sand, small trees, shrubs, lumber, hardware, and more, with a load capacity of 220lbs., equipped with rubber handles and a 9-inch pneumatic tire.


Maybe you want to switch it up and get the GreenWise™ Folding Beach Outdoor Wagon, Collapsible Utility Garden/Shopping Cart, for just $99.99. Beyond just standard wheelbarrow work, this all-in-one utility cart can also lug around beach gear, groceries, kids, and whatever you need to bring with you to get outdoors for day trips, with a weight capacity of up to 330lbs.!

sortwise gardening cart
sortwise gardening cart

For lords of leisure, you’re gonna want to buy the GreenWise™ Lightweight Portable Nylon Double Hammock, for just $29.99, a huge outdoor hammock designed with parachute material to sustain all kinds of weather, water, and storage. Available in orange and blue, it supports up to 700lbs., and being easy to pack and unpack, you can install it in your backyard, at the beach, campsite, or friend’s house, bringing it everywhere you go this summer.


It’s time to rejuvenate your outdoor experience, with our 9 FT Patio Umbrella, with 8 Ribs, Tilt and Crank, for just $69.99. This umbrella is perfect for not only patio furniture, but as a parasol at the beach, at garage sales, on the golf course, or anywhere outdoors where the sun shines down hard. Available in green and tan, this umbrella has a vented canopy to stimulate airflow and sustain its position in windy areas.


For all your summer tools and summer accessories, shop at today!



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