Have you ever wanted your toilet seat to glow in the dark? We’ve got the Toilet Nightlight!

Our Toilet Nightlight is the niftiest LED light home appliance available at Living.ca, on sale right now for just $6.99!

This 7-colour LED nightlight attaches to any size of toilet seat to make nighttime visits to the bathroom safer and easier to navigate, without having to turn on all the lights in the house to get there. Set it to the rotating colour scheme or static tone of blue, green, red, white, turquoise, yellow, or purple and enjoy the efficient, motion-activated glow of your toilet bowl in the night.


No more stumbling around in the dark! No more falling in the bowl! No more messy clean ups!

This LED device is light-sensitive, meaning it will automatically detect and power off in the daytime or when the washroom lights are turned on. The motion sensor activates the light as you approach the toilet in the dark and stays on for 120 seconds. Energy-efficient, the nightlight is powered by 3 AAA batteries (sold separately).


Easy to install, simply bend the arm over the bowl and turn it on. It makes potty-training a blast for young kids, and nighttime visits to the bathroom easier and safer for adults. You’ll never miss the bowl again with this incredibly effective home appliance.


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This LED nightlight is easy to install and fun to use, and makes a great addition to every type of lifestyle and household. Add it to every bathroom in your home to make sure family, roommates, and guests can access the toilet safely and intelligently in the night.


Especially useful for large gatherings, such as house parties, where having the extra light keeps cross-eyed guests aware of where they’re going, and gives your bathroom an overall futuristic look that’s calming, serene, and neat.


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