Time to get organized with our storage solutions from Living.ca for back to school season!

Back to school supplies are our specialty, and right now you can browse our selection of storage and organization tools to make your return from summer vacation easier, more organized and efficient than ever before. Have a great fall semester by shopping at Living.ca!

Check Living.ca cosmetic and make up organizer
Check Living.ca cosmetic and make up organizer

We’ve got three simple categories of storage solutions to help you shop better.

Cosmetics clutter up your place no matter what your style. On the dresser, on the desk, on the nightstand, on the floor. Protect your makeup with our excellent range of beauty product organizers, with everything you could ever look for, from the most basic compartment organizers all the way up to the high-end Mirror Cabinets. Let us show you what we’re all about!

The SortWise™ Acrylic Cosmetic and Jewelry Organizer is a transparent plastic storage tool with 24 compartments and magnifying mirror feature that will make it a central feature in your bedroom. Easy to clean, easy to organize, and easy to depend upon, this organizer really masters the art of organization by giving you access to everything you need right at home. The two-sided, adjustable mirror has 1x and 3x magnification, and can be removed from the ensemble altogether to declutter your dresser or tabletop.


On sale now for just $18.99, there’s no better deal in Canada right now to take care of all your cosmetics and accessories when you move into your new digs. Don’t live out of suitcases until midterms, get everything sorted out when you arrive and get ready for the new school year with this all-in-one storage solution.


All orders of $49 and up get you free shipping all across the country. With warehouses in Vancouver and Montreal, you won’t be waiting long for your order to arrive, and if you’re shopping last minute, get fast shipping on any product for just $5.95!


If you’re looking to whip your kitchen into shape, consider the SortWise™ 36 K-Cup Coffee Pod Storage Drawer, on sale right now for $15.99. This metal mesh stand with rack mat holds your coffeemaker and three dozen coffee pods, giving you and your roommates easier access to morning coffee, as well as a sleek and sexy way to pare down on kitchen accessories without losing valuable storage space. Ditch the jars and baskets and put your coffee pods in a smarter location, right under your coffee machine.


If you want to tidy your room with a new furnishing, then you’ll definitely want to check out the SortWise™ 12-Cube Modular Shelving Plastic Cabinet, on sale for $48.99. This plastic wardrobe solution can be personalized by assembling the twelve cubes in whatever configuration you like, making it suitable for sorting clothes by bins, drawers, hangers, and more! Break it down and build it back up all on your own, and store anything you like, books, music, bedding, and on and on, with a load capacity of 22lbs. and a sturdy, rust-proof steel frame.


For all your storage and organization back to school needs, check out Living.ca!

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