4 Amazing Kids’ Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Summer 2018

There’s no shortage of kids’ birthday party theme ideas for summer 2018. None are the more impressive than going for a Despicable Me-style Minions kids’ party theme. Browse exclusive minions-style products from Living.ca including minion party hats for $2.99, minion square plates for cake for $2.79, paper goggles for $1.99, Despicable Me napkins for $2.29, party favors, minion balloons, pull piñatas, giant foil balloons, minion cake decorations, minion rubber bracelets, gift wrap, cups, straws, and more. For yet another year running, Minions and Despicable Me are proving to be one of the most requested kids birthday party theme ideas.


If Despicable Me/Minions are not the right birthday party theme for your children’s get-together, no worries. Going with a classic, traditional birthday aesthetic can be a nice throwback to when life was easy. Throughout the Living.ca catalogue, find a multitude of 1950s and 1960s-esque traditional birthday party supplies that would look wonderful in a retro style setting. For many parents, the traditional birthday look will be everything they want and more. For kids, it may as well make no difference to some. Also, the benefits of going with something classic and traditional is that it will bring your costs way, way down in terms of what you have to shell out for party supplies.


Thirdly, an amazing kids’ birthday party theme idea for summer 2018 could be something fancy. Between the wedding-style party supplies in Living.ca’s catalogue and some of the more luxury-friendly party supplies in gold, silver, and rose gold, there’s a wide mix of products you can pull together for something really gala-esque. If you’re looking for something a little more upscale or that gives off the perception of a fancy adult meal, these party supplies are an easy way to set that aesthetic. Subsequently, they also don’t cost an arm and a leg when bought through Living.ca.


The last inexpensive birthday party theme idea for kids – at least, on our list – is to suit everything in one or two easy colors. There’s over a dozen colors to choose from in the Living.ca catalogue. Dress everything up in a child’s favourite color and completely re-decorate a space to match their needs. Though it might seem incredibly simple, the reason why it’s made our list is because of how inexpensive it is. When you combine the right mix of colorful elements, a really special vibe can be created. In some cases, parents enjoy working on a color aesthetic with the special birthday child, creating a fun activity for everyone to work on.


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