Buy Premium Silver Color Plastic Tableware for your Summer Party up to 50% Off!

Luxury summer parties for family and friends does not need to be expensive, as long as there are players in the marketplace like Browse premium plastic party tableware in silver ideal for your summer party plans with discounts up to 50% off exclusively from


Buy products like Premium Plastic Party Dinner Plate 10.25″ White with Silver Rim, 10Pcs – LIVINGbasics™ for $2.99, Premium Plastic Party Dessert Plate 7.5″ White with Silver Rim, 20Pcs – LIVINGbasics™ for $2.99, Premium Silver Plastic Fork 24Pcs – LIVINGbasics™ for $0.99, Premium Silver Plastic Spoon 24Pcs – LIVINGbasics™ for $0.99, Premium Party Plastic Disp Champagne Glass With Silver Rim 6oz 8Pcs – LIVINGbasics™ for $1.99, and the Premium Plastic Party Tableware Combo 5 Kits for 8 Guests, white silver – LIVINGbasics™ for $4.99.


Silver’s not the only color we have these items in either. Choose from silver, gold, or the increasingly popular rose gold. When you put together an order of five products or more, receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada at no extra charge to you.


As much as everyone would like to throw a party with real silver and gold, it’s not always possible. Save yourself the costs of buying the real thing and also having to clean up after everyone post-party. Keep things simple by shopping with, and we can guarantee it’ll make life a lot easier when it comes time to dim the lights and send everyone home. is a growing Canadian-based eCommerce platform specializing in family-based products, including home improvement, home décor, and party supplies. When you shop with, what we’re promising are low prices and some of the fastest shipping you’ll find in Canada.


Premium plastic flatware and tableware is, of course, not necessarily expensive on its own. When you’re buying for a big party though or when you have other things to pick up, cutting costs wherever you can is important. That’s why has worked with its suppliers to shave off as much as 50% off select premium plastic tableware products. This ensures that you leave our eCommerce store with a little more in your pocket and a little more product coming your way.


For premium plastic tableware sets you’ll love, browse dozens of plastic tableware products and a huge selection of other party supplies with Buy beautiful premium quality silver tableware that will suit any party dining setting this summer!

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