9 Tips for Teachers to starting the new school year off right

Back-to-school deals are available now at Living.ca. We’ve got all the school supplies and school accessories you’ll need to kicking the new year off right. Below, we have 9 hot tips for teachers:


Slow and Steady

No matter what age range your students are, it’s important to ease them into the next year of their schooling. As their instructor, it’s your year, too. So, take the time to introduce them to your rules, expectations, methods, blocking out a solid hour to cover everything they need to know about your classroom.



Whenever you’re giving instructions for a new activity, make sure to demonstrate the right and wrong ways to do it. Get volunteers to demonstrate the incorrect way, then the correct way to accomplish whatever task you’re demonstrating. It will take away a lot of the guesswork that makes students raise their hands, wasting precious activity time.



Don’t worry if you have to stop to call out inappropriate behaviour, take the time to put things on hold and address whatever it is that you perceive to be incorrect or simply annoying, without ostracizing your students. Chances are, if one student misunderstood something, there are numerous kids who have processed your instructions incorrectly who are too shy to ask questions.



Students don’t respond to negative feedback. Provide them with procedures and routines that will last all year, giving gentle reminders where necessary. Even if you’re considering punishment, consider the alternative, and how much of a difference a good word can make.


Own up to your fears and mistakes

Show your true colours and your students will understand. Don’t be afraid to let them humanize you: admit when you’ve messed up or don’t know how to proceed with something.


Plan more than necessary

Before getting into the natural rhythm of your classroom, it’s always a good thing to have more activities planned than you’ll need, especially if you have any laggards or go-getters. Plan a little extra for everybody, no matter what the situation!


Plan for interim periods

Sometimes, you’ll need to kill five or ten minutes between activities, so plan for those times, too. Whether it’s a game, creative time, or class discussion, make sure that there’s always something to stimulate their young minds. One product of ours that might make up for lost time is the 3D Colouring Set with Paint Pens.


Take a seat

Sit down and observe your students interacting amongst themselves and give yourself the chance to remark on what makes your class special. A great product for which would be the standing wooden art easel, so you can host a painting session and take time out for yourself to watch everybody at work.



Take time to catch your breath, whether it’s with a hot beverage, a trip to the salon after work, or doodling in an adult colouring book. The first month will go by quickly, so it’s critical that you make time for yourself to chill out and pick the pace back up tomorrow.


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