Hit the Road with one of our Favourite Dual-Port USB Chargers for Smartphones in the Car!

Canadian travelers rejoice! Low battery smartphones are no more! …sort of. Having a dual-port USB charger for smartphones in the car is excellent for when you want to hit the road to the beach, need to drive to a camping location, or have to travel somewhere not so specific. No one wants to be caught without a car charger and then, see their smartphone battery slowly die out. The next time you’re hitting the road in Canada, be sure to pick up Living.ca’s dual-port USB car charger.


Though we all like to think we can maximize our smartphone’s battery life, we can only to a point. Eventually, every smartphone is going to need a charge. As a smartphone ages, this may also mean a battery that doesn’t keep its charge like it once did. Thankfully, Living.ca’s more than capable smartphone chargers for your car can make sure power’s not an issue. Combining sleek design with reliable functionality, there’s no better place to shop smartphone accessories like these than Living.ca.


The 4.8A Dual Ports USB Rapid Car Charger with Smart IC Technology – PrimeCables® – 1/Pack for $6.99 is inexpensive, high quality, and the recipient of numerous 4.5-star reviews from Living.ca eCommerce shoppers. As one of Canada’s fastest growing companies in this space, Living.ca is proud to offer such a high quality dual-port USB charger for the car. The dual-port car smartphone charger is complete with fireproof material, a built-in SmartIC chip to auto-detect output voltage, fast charging capability to get charging up to two times faster, and a sophisticated safety circuit design to ensure there’s no overheating, over-current, or over-charging.


Above all these features, it’s also ‘dual port’ meaning that there’s no need to argue anymore about whose smartphone to charge in the car. Now, you can charge both! The easy-to-see LED light also ensures you know when the USB charger is property connected and your devices are charging. Be it for Apple or Android, the 4.8A Dual Ports USB Rapid Car Charger with Smart IC Technology – PrimeCables® – 1/Pack is a great product for any summertime road trip. Then again, it doesn’t need to be just smartphones you charge either. Plug in a tablet or any device you need to charge while you’re out there on the road.


Visit Living.ca for more discounts, deals, and exclusives on USB chargers and other summer road trip favourites. Featuring a streamlined design and amazing built-in technology, this dual-port USB rapid car charger is quickly and quietly becoming one of the leaders in this product category. Buy from Living.ca today and take advantage of the best USB charger deal in Canada.

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