Get the Best Budget Garage Tools and Paint Supplies from

The summer is a great time to dig into hardware, tools, and paint supplies, conducting some of the home renovations you’ve been waiting to tackle. Needless to say, the average home renovation can cost thousands of dollars which is why more Canadian homeowners are taking care of some elements themselves. As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce brands, is happy to help with a budget garage tools and paint supplies at the lowest prices in Canada.


Something as simple as re-painting a room can completely change the way we look at a home. There are many home renovation projects we can’t do on our own however painting is one we can. Though it’s time consuming and physically taxing, painting is a great gateway into doing more extensive home re-designs and renovations. 2018 is proving to be a strong year for paint sales. In response, for a limited time, has discounted some of its tools, home renovation projects, and paint supplies pricing down as much as 50 percent off select products.


For example, when it comes to paint supplies, you can buy the Paint Brushes Set Flat 1 1/2″,2″,2 1/2″ for $1.99, the Roller Cages Plastic handle, green 9.5″ (240 mm) for $3.10, the Fabric mini-roller cover set, European type, for all uses 4″ (100mm) x 10mm 10/Pack for $8.09, or the Half-cylindered structure, in steel, hook for stepladder, cutter on handle, heavy duty. 14″, painted for $7.94.


Browse faucets like the Plastic Pop-up Drain Polished Chrome CDC77185 for $8.99 or the Faucet Single Handle For Lavatory CDC77193 7” for $84.99. See some of Canada’s favourite renovation tools including’s Angle Grinder with One 115mm Diameter Grinding Disc Included – PrimeCables® for $24.99, our 20V Cordless Impact Driver with Soft Grip Handle – PrimeCables® for $34.99, our 20V Cordless Power Drill with Soft Grip Handle- PrimeCables® for $24.99, and PrimeCables® 3 In 1 Stud Finder Scanner for $6.99.


If you’ve been looking to take your home in a fresh, new direction, now’s the time. Use these best budget garage tools and paint suppliesfrom to designate new rooms and centralize social areas in the home. Create new vibes and integrate some more personality into the home. For those of us in a rut with our properties, don’t let it fester. Take advantage of opportunities like this to save money while re-designing the look of what’s around you. Shop with today.

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