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Right now, you can order this Feather and Bell Cat Toy for just $0.99! This fun little toy is a durable, 50cm wand equipped with a feather and bell on the end, giving you and your kitty cat endless hours of teasing, chasing, and cat-and-mouse playtime.


It’s lightweight, so you needn’t worry about dropping it or loosening your grip so your cat can kick it around. It’s easy to grip, so you don’t have to worry about it getting ripped out of your hand and hurting anyone. It’s made of completely non-toxic materials, so it’s safe for everybody.


Give yourself some playtime with your favourite feline with this fun Feather and Bell Cat Toy. Strengthen your friendship, bonding over this fun toy. It’s excellent for kittens and exciting even for mature cats. And it’s safer than playing with catnip and laser pointers.


Entertain your cat and your friends and family by passing around this toy with everyone! It’s long enough to let children play with it, keeping their hands out of reach from your cat’s claws.


This device, coming in black, with a red feather and jingle bell, makes for a fun and safe toy that’s a staple to any cat toy collection.


You can use it to tease your cat, make them jump around the corners of the house, chase it for long distances, and tickle their belly when they think playtime is over to get them going again!


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