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Our most popular box is our lowest priced, the SortWise™ Black Leather 5-Grid Large Vintage Case, just $19.99. This high-quality, black leather case has five insert slots and five removable pads made of anti-tarnish velvet material. With this case, you can fit five watches or pieces of jewelry, one for every day of the week, making it suitable to have at home or at work. The clear glass lid allows you to put your collection on display and the metal lock and keys allow you to secure your watches. It also makes an excellent gift and can be used in storefront displays, too.


The next step up is the 12-grid model, priced at only $24.99. With the same features as the 5-grid version, it’s important to take proper care of the faux leather exterior by keeping it away from rough or sharp objects, sunlight and heat, moisture and liquid, and by wiping it frequently with a soft cloth.


Right now, when you place an order $49 or more, you receive free shipping anywhere in Canada. With warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, you’re sure to get what you purchase quickly, within about a week or two. If you need it fast, add fast shipping to any product in your shopping cart for just $5.95 to get it delivered in a day or two.


The 24-grid model jewelry storage box, priced $49.49, includes free shipping. This vintage-style box is the best for watch collectors and fashion enthusiasts. It completes the businessperson’s walk-in closet or office wardrobe by giving them the chance to see all their wristwatches on display, ready to wear. The solid wood construction and high-quality black leather exterior make it fit into any décor at home or at work.


Finally, we arrive at our favourite, the SortWise™ 2-Tier Brown Leather 20-Grid Watch Box with Glass Top, for $39.99. Ten slots on top, with an additional ten in the bottom drawer – this watch box is for those who love to show off their taste in high caliber men’s fashion and watch collectors alike. It’s roomy, yet compact. It’s affordable and sleek. This watch box makes the perfect gift for fathers, sons, and colleagues. It would make a great addition to your bedroom, closet, or office, too.


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