Better and cheaper than Instant Pot, LIVING basics™ Programmable Pressure Cooker!

The LIVING basics™ Programmable Pressure Cooker is on sale now at for just $59.99 and includes free shipping. This programmable cooker is cheaper and boasts more features than the Instant Pot. 16 settings, 1000W of power, and available in both a 5- and a 6-oz. stainless steel model, making this the best pressure cooker on the market!


The 16 different programs include options for cooking multigrains, meat and stew, poultry, soup, beans and chili, white rice, brown rice, steamed vegetables, slow cooked meals, boiling pasta, steamed potatoes, hot pot, saute and browning, baking, reheating, and yogurt. On top of these built-in programs, there’s also a DIY setting, so you can cook whatever any way you like.


The stainless steel inner pot makes for convenient use and easy cleaning. The 1000W power makes cooking with the LIVINGbasics™ Programmable Pressure Cooker up to 70% faster than traditional cookware. Just put it in, select your pressure setting, and when it’s done, release the pressure with the click of a button!


Safe and reliable, the LIVINGbasics™ Programmable Pressure Cooker is ETL, FDA, and FCC certified, and includes seven proven safety mechanisms: one for opening and closing the lid, pressure control, maintaining pressure, temperature control, one button for releasing pressure and steam, as well as a thermostat and anti-block device.


It makes an excellent anniversary or wedding gift, and even birthday present, just read our customer reviews!


It’s easy, it’s intelligent, it’s safe, and it’s healthy. The LIVINGbasics™ Programmable Pressure Cooker is the best pressure cooker in Canada, for its affordability, functionality, and safety.


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  1. I recently purchased this pressure cooker and really like it. However, the manual does not give details about each of the 16 settings. Can you please share which settings are pressure settings, and which ones are not pressure settings? For the pressure settings, can you please share the range of kPa’s for each setting (or at least low/medium/high pressure)? And for the non-pressure settings, could you explain the expected temperature range (or low/medium/high heat)?

    Without this information, it’s very difficult to follow/adapt recipes, since most recipes tell you how much pressure is required.

    Thank you!

  2. I have a pressure cooker LivingBasics. Actually I had two and gave one of my sister so much I like it. There is just one thing wrong with it. When I start it, I need to put a plastic container upside down on it and put a heavy pot so it pop the steam relief valve in order to start its pressure cooking cycle. Is there something I could do to fix that? Frankly it is not a big deal and I still love this versatile tool helping me in my day to day tasks of feeding my family and I with great home made meal.

  3. I have one and its the best, I even bought one for my daughter and she loves it.
    What does F4 mean because mine just lighted up F4 and won’t start. Thanks for a prompt reply because I’m stranded without my cooker.

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