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Acrylic storage organizers and makeup organizer boxes are crucial to keeping a tidy lifestyle, freeing up the clutter of cosmetics in your bedroom, bathroom, or closet and giving you less mess to stress you out. We’ve got a huge selection of storage solutions for your cosmetics at, check it out!


Our most popular product in this section is the SortWise™ Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Storage with 3 detachable drawers, regularly $18.59, on sale now until August 14 for just $9.99! This large, 24cm x 14cm x 19cm cube drawer storage unit is designed with durable, transparent plastic, so it’s easy to organize, easy to clean, and easy to access. Put all your lipsticks, lip gloss, eyeliners, powders, spritz bottles, nail polish, hair ties and elastics away in this magnificently practical cube drawer organizer and set it up wherever you need it most: on top of your dresser, desk, vanity, shelf, or pack it up and take it on the road!

If you’re looking for more space than that to house your cosmetics collection, then consider checking out the SortWise™ Acrylic Makeup Organizer Storage Container, on sale now for just $21.99, regularly $23.99. Made up of 5 tiers, with two side-by-side shelves on the top two tiers, this 24cm x 17.5cm x 28.5cm container has enough space to store brushes, dozens of nail polish bottles and lipsticks, and has an easy setup so you can take it with you and apply your makeup wherever you need it.


If you’re a nail polish guru, then you’re gonna wanna get the SortWise™ 5-Tier Acrylic Lipstick and Nail Polish Storage Organizer Display Rack, regularly $17.99, on sale now for a limited time for just $8.99! This beautiful plastic display rack sets up to look like bleachers, giving you enough space to sort and show off 35 bottles of nail polish or tubes of lipstick. It’s elegant and flashy, drawing the envy of all your friends.


We also have the very simple, very affordable SortWise™ Acrylic Lipstick and Nail Polish Storage Organizer Cosmetic Display Case, regularly $9.99, on sale now for just $6.29. Featuring 6 compartments and an overall size of just 20cm x 12cm x 10cm, this little plastic organizer gives you enough variety to sort out your lipstick, nail polish, lip gloss, nail polish remover, face scrub, powder, foundation, or whatever!


We have warehouses in Montreal and Vancouver, so wherever you’re ordering from, you’ll get it quickly. Add fast shipping to any item in your shopping cart for just $5.95 and receive your delivery in a day or two, perfect for last-minute back-to-school shopping. Any time you spend $49 or more, you get free shipping, anywhere nationwide.


For all your acrylic storage organizers and makeup organizer boxes, shop with us today at!

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