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The SortWise™ Cat House is a cheap and portable piece of pet furniture for your cats that’s available now for just $30.99 at!

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The SortWise™ Door-Mounted Cat House is a hanging funhouse for domestic felines who need a little more room to sleep and play. Safe, secure, and cozy, it mounts to any door in your home with the help of two lengthy nylon ropes with straps, making it height adjustable for every situation.

With two entrances and mesh windows, this waterproof 600 Denier nylon fabric fort gives your cats a place to jump around, take a nap, and get frisky in.


Mount it in a doorway with lots of natural light and a good view and your cats will take to it immediately. There’s enough ventilation for ample air flow, space to reach in and pet them, and an overall sturdy but comfortable design that covers everything you need to add this feline playground into your home life.


Equipped with two little boxed rooms, the SortWise™ Door-Mounted Cat House measures 125cm in height and 50cm in width, each box 25cm in length and 34cm tall. The front-facing windows measure 17cm in diameter, so big or small, your kitties can hop in and hop out easily, especially from a nearby perch or piece of furniture.


Easy to install and easy to take down when not in use, the SortWise™ Door-Mounted Cat House folds up nicely for later use. Portable and fun, weighing only 2kgs. in total, take it with you whenever you travel to give your favourite felines a familiar place to rest and play.


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