Why Hand Tool Safety is Important to every DIYer and other Garage Tool Tips

Hand tool safety is incredibly important in handling maintenance, repair, and operations. If you want to keep your tools in tip top shape and ensure your own safety is maintained, safety is something that needs to be kept in mind at all times.

Be it a person making their living with hand tools or using them purely as a hobby, they should be always be treated with the utmost of safety. When treated correctly, tools should last you a long time, shouldn’t fail you, and they’ll remain safe for use. That’s how contractors and electricians keep their inventory in exquisite shape. There are a few basic safety tips we’d love to pass on to DIYers and Canadian homeowners working out of their garages on different projects.


The first of our hand tool safety tips – and arguably the most important, from our perspective – is to always use a tool as it is intended. A screwdriver is not a chisel and will not work as a punch, in the same vein that a ratcheting wrench is never going to work as a hammer. By using equipment as intended, you don’t open the door to the possibility of getting hurt.

Next on the list of hand tool safety is to be cautious about the amount of force used. Always give thought to what may happen should a hand tool slip and be wary when applying larger amounts of force. To this point, hand tools should always be used at a safe and correct angle. Applying hand tools at an incorrect angle can lead to accidents as well.

Towards the end of your session using hand tools, be careful not to just toss the tools any and everywhere. Set them down carefully in an organizer of some kind. Furthermore, if a tool needs to be cleaned prior to being put away, always ensure they are thoroughly done. By adhering to this organized way of keeping tools, you’ll keep things organized allowing you to find all the right tools when you need them most. Consider using one or multiple organizers, trays, or similar containers to keep things simple. If anything looks worn or damaged, it’s best to replace it. If a handle snaps or a tool breaks, seeing it slip or break could pose a safety threat.


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