What is an Infrared Thermometer and Do I need one for me – all your Questions answered!

An infrared thermometer analyzes an object’s temperature by identifying the thermal radiation emitted from what’s being measured. Infrared thermometers are also sometimes referred to as ‘laser thermometers’, ‘non-contact thermometers’, or ‘temperature guns’. All in all, these are all the same tool. If you’re seeking the right tool to help measure temperature at a distance, an infrared thermometer is exactly it.


A non-contact IR infrared thermometer is hard to find at a great price. Visit Living.ca today, one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce solutions, to find an amazing infrared thermometer at a fraction of the cost you may pay elsewhere. The PrimeCables model provides all the unique advantages of a digital temperature gun sensor for only $16.99. Features include sound notification, laser target pointer, a measuring range of up to 380 degrees Celsius, and powered entirely by two AAA size batteries.


Using this non-contact infrared digital thermometer, all a user needs to do is point, aim, and measure. In an instant, receive a reading based on surface temperature measurements. The laser visual guidance is a big advantage as well, letting you know you’re scanning the right spot at all times. Practical in both indoor and outdoor situations, measure extreme temperatures with ease. Be it to identify the temperature of internal electronic components to oven temperatures, the measurement range included surpasses that of similar products. Exceeding the boiling points of many materials, there’s no telling the limitations of use for this infrared thermometer.


As a Canadian homeowner, if you are in need of a non-contact thermometer on a regular basis, you can’t go wrong with the PrimeCables model. Please note that infrared thermometers emit no radiation and are not considered harmful to kids. Technically, an infrared thermometer can even be used to measure the temperature of a human being’s forehead. Do keep in mind that infrared thermometers measure predominantly surface temperatures rather than internal temperatures thus using it for food safety purposes may have its limitations.


For more information on where to buy an infrared thermometer in Canada, shop Living.ca. Providing customers with fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49, combine this purchase with other products to meet the threshold.


Use an infrared thermometer today to obtain accurate temperature readings instantly without ever having to make contact from tool to object. The PrimeCables’ digital temperature gun is second-to-none in application and first in line on price. Shop with Living.ca today.

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