3 Best Halloween Decorations that are scary, Fun, and Friendly to Kids from Living.ca

Halloween can sometimes verge on creepy, horrifying, and downright frightening. For adults, we’re a little more well-versed in the ways of Halloween. For kids, it can be a little different and sometimes, kids can get scared. Even when we don’t intend to scare them, it happens. For some kids, a little fright is not such a bad thing. For others though, it’s a clear line crossed. If you’re looking for easy Halloween decorations that are scary yet fun and friendly to kids, here’s what Living.ca recommends.

Get halloween party supplies from living.ca
Get Halloween party supplies from living.ca

Window stickers


Window stickers are an easy Halloween decoration to set up spookily on windows and mirrors in the home. Spiders, ghosts, witches, and more frights can be found in window stickers though they’re sure not to completely horrify anyone. If you’re looking to get your home in the Halloween spirit in a fun way, consider browsing Living.ca’s different Halloween window stickers. Taking full advantage of your windows, these make for the perfect space to decorate.


Door covers


Because of the trick or treat tradition, a lot of exterior Halloween decorations fixate on the entranceways of homes. Door covers are a great way to have a little fun here. Choose from a ‘crashed witch banner’, a light-up door cover for under $2, classic spider webs with spiders, or a seven-foot hanging floating ghost. When the light goes down, any of these doorway options are more than suitable to create eerie shadows without being extremely frightening.


Halloween tinsel garland


So we know the idea of Halloween tinsel garland might not be expected however it’s a great way to communicate the fun of the occasion without going into full-on spook. Tinsel garland from Living.ca is available in black, white, orange, pink, and purple. Choose your favourite Halloween colors and get them in 4-ply eight-foot long sections. When the light shines in, the tinsel garland will look gorgeous and when the sun sets, they can blend in real well with other Halloween décor.


These are far from the only Halloween decorations in the Living.ca catalogue ideal to kids. Browse dozens of possible Halloween décor options and on the cheap, build the ultimate Halloween for your family. When you shop with us, you’ll find the vast majority of Halloween items under $4. Inexpensive and affordable, buy them early and you’ll be glad you have them. Halloween party supplies, Halloween costume accessories and wigs, and Halloween décor are just a click away!

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