Buy this Massive Hanging Floating Ghost and Skull for under $20 you can Place Anywhere in your Home or Business

This Halloween 2018, if you really want to make an impression on trick or treaters, consider’s massive hanging floating ghost and skull pack for under $20.

buy halloween party supplies cheap at
buy halloween party supplies cheap at

So much of Halloween’s exterior design is focused on the entranceway. This is where family, friends, and community members flock to, and it’s important to have your best presentation set here. Browsing the Halloween party supplies and decorations from, you’ll see several options you can use near or throughout your entranceway to maximize the spook! As one of Canada’s top sources for holiday supplies and décor, Halloween’s a big occasion for us. The last thing we want to do is disappoint. If you’re willing to make the investment, this massive floating ghost is sure to be everything you need to create the ultimate Halloween walk-up.


The clear string provides the hanging ghost the chance to be hung from doorways, windows, walls, or trees. If you’re decorating a yard, a party space, or a bar’s entranceway, this is more than suitable for these and other applications. Choose from a white, black, and orange seven-foot background according to what you need. Lightweight, easy ties, fit for almost any indoor or outdoor occasion, and a great Halloween decoration accessory, this is just one of the many impressive pieces you may want for your space. Be sure to browse the other accessories and supplies in the Halloween category as our ‘free shipping to anywhere in Canada’ code is automatically applied to any order above $49.


Halloween has a long and storied history relying on both secular and religious imagery. As Halloween has continued to turn more horrific over the years, exterior Halloween decoration is almost as welcome as Christmas decorations. hopes to keep up family-friendly Halloween traditions, moving away from the gross and bloody, and more towards what’s appropriate for all ages. A hanging ghost above the doorway or in the tree is a fun way to scare some friends but we get it might not be for everyone. Please feel encouraged to browse other parts of the Halloween collection. There are numerous deals, discounts, and exclusives to enjoy.


This Halloween, create just the right amount of creepiness with’s amazing decorations. With everything you need to complete your home’s exterior, mix it up with other ghouls and goblins to get a real sense of what Halloween can be. Just a click away, shop with today.

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