Make it Scary with These Halloween Makeup Ideas for your 2018 Halloween Costume!

Canadians love Halloween for the opportunity to experiment with one’s look. Adults passionate about Halloween enjoy choosing costumes, wigs, and makeup that they may not normally exhibit.

After choosing the right costume and wig combination, makeup is a great way to accent the look. Though we know it’s weeks before Halloween is here, buying ahead can net some pretty good deals. To this point, has several Halloween makeup products that we think are worth checking out for Canadians on a budget.

In the under $2 category, there’s Halloween makeup cream which comes in black. This 30ml tube can be applied across the face or body, and is washable with soap and water. For a night out on Halloween, this is a great way to get a costume across and is recommended if you think you’re going to need a lots of black color to get across your costume.

If you’re going to a dance party or are planning on getting a little weird on Halloween, going with a 30ml tube of glow in the dark makeup cream might be even more ideal. This product is an amazing choice for graffiti, paint lovers, artists, and anyone going to a Halloween party, rave, or clubbing event. also has a ton of 30ml tubes of fake blood that can add a lot to many Halloween costumes. Create a realistic blood scene or if you really want to freak someone out, put it in a capsule and bite into it at some point in your Halloween evening. Believe us when we say it looks hella scary.

No matter how you choose to use your makeup on Halloween, it’s a real opportunity to completely transform yourself for one night only. Creepy clowns, serial killers, Disney princesses, and sparkling goddesses – they all require some sort of makeup to complete the transformation. Though you may not find anything too colorful in the catalogue, there’s plenty to choose from to create something truly ghastly for your family and friends to talk about. Even better, it’s all non-toxic ensuring that it’s safe for the face. If you’re headed out all night long, this is what you’re going to want to have on your face.

Shop for all your Halloween party supplies, makeup, costume accessories, and décor. With exclusive deals, discounts, and sales, save money this Halloween by shopping with one of Canada’s top sources for party supplies. Get everything in one go this Halloween and get it at a good price!

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