See 4 Thrifty Halloween Decoration Ideas including Spider Webs, Ghosts, and More

Inexpensive, fun, and spooky Halloween decorations can be bought on discount from today. Browsing the most ghoulish and ghastly decorations for the family, scare your neighbors and all the community with what you have planned.

As Halloween draws closer, thought we would publish a quick list of some Halloween decoration ideas. As the spookiest of holidays is our favourite, the chance to decorate the home in some truly silly and scary décor is an opportunity we don’t want to pass up. If you want to make Halloween memorable, use these.

Spider webs

Though there are dozens of thrifty Halloween decorations out there, our favourite is probably spider webs. Very inexpensive, spider webs can be bought in bulk and generously placed near the doorway, exterior of the home, and in any trees in the yard. Spider webs can be fun, sure. They can also be tremendously scary when used with other décor options. They can also be used to create some heavy atmosphere. Consider spider webs this Halloween to get as spooky or silly as you want.


Halloween is not usually associated with lights but we think it’s something that can add a lot. Especially to the exterior of a home, if you’re looking to bring in trick or treaters, lights can attract the eye and when placed strategically, draw the perspective to different decorations. Consider using a mix of lights with other spooky decorations to get the most from your Halloween setup.

Window cutouts

Halloween window stickers are a fun and friendly way to highlight the cuter parts of Halloween. For classic, traditional Halloween looks, window stickers are one of the more inexpensive ways to transform the outside of your property. Nostalgia galore, if you want to bring back or create some of those warm Halloween feelings, use this gorgeously cut vintage iconography in your window.


Classic Halloween figures are there to be used. Be it skeletons, ghosts, or Universal Monsters like Frankenstein, Dracula, or others, these can be as silly or as frightening as you want them to be. It almost wouldn’t be Halloween without some sort of reference to at least one of these characters. For added effect, think of some of the more unique ways you might be able to dress this iconography up.

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