Creepy and Cute Halloween Food Anyone can Make for a Halloween Party

Halloween has no shortage of creepy and cute Halloween desserts and treats. It goes without saying, special Halloween-themed foods have increasingly become more and more popular. Easy to make and instantly recognizable to even the most sheltered of Halloween fans, these are a fun way to celebrate the occasion. If you’re looking to materialize the ultimate Halloween for you and your loved ones, consider putting together some of our favourite treats for the occasion.

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Halloween themed milkshakes


Milkshakes are thankfully quite easy to make. Using a mix of Halloween-esque black and orange food coloring across vanilla ice cream, you can also mix in some Halloween candies overtop. For parents looking to serve it out to kids, make sure to give it a taste before serving. Depending on the type of candy and the ice cream, sometimes tastes may not align.


Halloween themed ice cream cones


Somewhat easier than milkshakes, Halloween ice cream cones follow a similar plan. Give them something spooky to wrap their hands around with a cone full of Halloween colored ice cream mixed in with some nice candies. Decorate the top as you see fit. Consider maybe even giving the cone some color.


Halloween themed cookies


There’s no shortage of Halloween cookie designs out there. Though it’s relatively easy to do, Halloween cookies are a nice treat to keep around the house in the days leading up to Halloween. After all, they don’t melt and are unlikely to go bad. Either, cut them out in designs or spread a Halloween design over top of them.


Halloween waffle cones


Waffle cones can be filled with a range of different spooky Halloween themed candies and goodies. If you want to make something really delicious, there’s no end to the types of desserts you can come up with. Any time we go for visuals on a dessert, remember, it’s important to ensure the taste is there as well. Before serving, give it a quick bite as a test. Just in case it’s icky, give yourself the time to come up with something else.


These are just a few of the spooky Halloween treats to consider taking a bite into. Some of the other Halloween foods you may want to prepare includes spooky burgers, cupcakes, Halloween-themed cinnamon buns, Halloween cheesecakes, or Halloween pudding. If you’re putting out these Halloween foods at a party, consider dropping into to save some money. For all of your Halloween party supplies, visit today for the best prices in Canada.

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