Is it Appropriate to Depict Culture in a Halloween Costume or is it Offensive – a Debate

For decades, Halloween was a predominantly Caucasian holiday filled with outfits that ranged from horror to depicting cultures in some less than favorable ways. Among some advocates in Canada, the depiction of indigenous culture in Halloween costumes is an offence. Then, there are others who are saying that to say such a thing might be taking things a bridge too far. As one of Canada’s go-to sources for Halloween decorations, costumes, and party supplies, this conversation is a passionate one for us. Here’s where we’re coming from.


Halloween is not an opportunity to explore different ethnicities or cultures. That’s not what Halloween is about. Halloween has always been about having fun, sharing in fun with friends, and in adopting looks that we may not otherwise have the courage to attempt. Some of us go sexy, others go horror, some go funny, and some go political. There’s a lot of different Halloween costumes available to purchase from the store and none of them are inherently offensive or insulting. That said, the days of buying ethnic Halloween costumes is over. ‘Indian Halloween costumes’ should not be a thing anymore. Despite that, we still receive requests for them.


Browsing the racks at popular Halloween stores like Party City, you’ll find outfits such as ‘native Princess’. Though there may not be anything in the costume itself considered offensive, the adopting of one’s culture by another is an offensive act. Tensions between indigenous Canadians and non-indigenous Canadians have always been tight. Furthermore, services for indigenous territories has always been in need of improvement. For a white Canadian to adopt an indigenous look for even a day, it is an insult. Though it might not be to the person wearing the costume, if you’re insulting an entire people or hurting the feelings of an entire people, you know it might be time for a change.


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