4 Essential Components to any Halloween Party

Halloween parties are so fun. We all get the perfect opportunity to dress up, eat lots of candy, dance a little, and get spooky. It’s one of the few times of year when a person can pull out any style outfit and be praised for it. Whether you’re going to an adults-only Halloween party or are building a family-friendly atmosphere for kids, these are the top 4 Halloween decorations we think are a necessity for almost any Halloween shindig.


Hanging decorations

Hanging decorations are a must for Halloween. There are more general Halloween party supplies that can be used to hang and create atmosphere, and then, there are scarier Halloween iconography that can be used, like ghosts, ghouls, skeletons, and bats. Hanging decorations like these are affordable, minimalist, and can be bought in bulk to create a one-of-a-kind Halloween vibe. It’s dynamic enough to be appropriate for any adult Halloween party and spooky enough for the kids.


Halloween drinks


Halloween drinks are a welcome addition to any adult party but they can also be used for kids. To this point, kids may be equally entertained by Jell-O monstrosities with scary Halloween decorations locked inside. Using different drinks and foods can work wonders at giving a whole new meaning to Halloween. Not everyone will love what you put out but even those who don’t partake, it’ll still help contribute to a truly terrifying Halloween atmosphere.




Though we encourage environmental friendliness as much as anyone, using disposable cutlery, plates, and napkins help keep things simple for your Halloween party. You don’t want a stockpile of dishes sitting in your kitchen during or post-party. Use festive Halloween disposables to keep the fun going and to whisk away responsibility. For one night only, believe us when we say it’ll be more than worth it.


Ghostly Halloween lighting


Lights are an underscored component of Halloween. The wrong lighting can completely ruin the mood while the right lighting can set the eeriest of moods for your Halloween party. Not just any lights will fit the bill. Use Living.ca’s flickering LED Halloween lights which just happen to be on-sale right now for 75% off. You’ll be glad to have these for indoor use.


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