What to wear for your Halloween Costume Party in Canada

Hundreds of adult Halloween parties await Canadians across all ten provinces and three territories.


Do you have your costumes ready yet – if not, now’s the perfect time to buy. There’s plenty of Halloween costume ideas in the pages of Living.ca. What to wear for your Halloween costume party should be readily clear in the few days that remain to make your purchase. Don’t miss out on any of these Halloween party deals or Living.ca’s spooky Halloween costume sales.


New Orleans-style color


If you’re going to a massive Halloween club party and you want to keep things dance-friendly, going the opposite way from the spookiness and towards color might be a recommended option. Even at more haunted locations, dressing in color can help cool down the vibes. If you’re with someone who is not into the scary vibes or if that’s you, grab your best colors and build your own unique Halloween costume. After all, there’s no one to tell you not to!


Futuristic DIY outfit


We live in an age where so much of our media and what’s around us is tech-driven. Putting together your own futuristic DIY outfit is a great way to go. Browse your favourite characters in movies and TV, and select from them the elements you love. Consider something neon-glowing or in-toil wrapped. It can be as funky and fun or as nihilistic and dystopian as you wish. This may require more of an imagination and added creativity to accomplish the look you want.


1990s-era Throwback


Back to our childhoods, taking things back to the 1990s or 1980s is a fun, inexpensive way to go. Browse local bargain bins and thrift shops to pick up dated clothing or browse some of your parents’ old gear. Pattern it off your favourite TV character from the 1990s or build something unique your own. If you’re a 90s’ kid, don’t hide it – flaunt it!


Murder Mystery-inspired outfits


If you’re planning a Halloween party yourself, consider assigning different costume choices as per murder mystery storyline. This is a fun way to spend your night but can take a lot of planning. Someone’s been murdered. Who did it – it’s up to you to find out. Even consider breaking out classic 1920s garb with fur, fedoras, hand-crafted cocktails, dinner, and dessert. In addition to crime-solving, this can be a great way to create a high-class atmosphere unlike anything else on Halloween.


There’s also a lot of pre-made Halloween costumes available via Living.ca, including those for bloody zombie nurses, angels, bloody doctors, ninjas, sexy witches, clowns, Arabian dancer, horror robes, priests, French maid, nuns, cavemen, sheik, cave women, prisoner lady, prisoner man, and so much more. Shop all these at Living.ca and enjoy the lowest prices in Canada on Halloween costumes.

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