Get your Holiday Lighting Décor ready before It’s Too Late!

Are you planning for an outdoor Christmas display that blows away the neighborhood – take a look at some of what has to offer in its catalogue. Inexpensive and high quality, and all on sale, spend smartly on your favourite holiday products to craft the perfect décor arrangement.


Buying ahead of time ensures you have everything ready and installed long before you really need to. Holiday lighting is a great opportunity to boost your festive curb appeal with sparkle, shine, bright lights and big color. Do it up right this year with!


Remember, small touches count for a lot. Nevertheless, whether you want a smidge of Christmas here and there or something more massive, you’ve definitely got some options. See great Christmas light deals on items like our 25-count LED commercial string light set in blue for $11.99, Globaltone five metres of LED blue lights for $19.99, Globaltone ten metres 100 LEDs in red for $19.99, an exquisite Christmas LED snowman light-up wooden block decoration for $4.99, Christmas glitter flickering LED tea lights for $0.99, and Christmas net of lights 100 in total for indoor and outdoor use for $14.99, and outdoor string lights with 15 hanging sockets for $49.99.


There’s too many Christmas deals to list here but has got hundreds of products to browse. Holiday lighting décor has never been this easy or this cheap. Wherever you are in Canada, November’s the time to buy so you have everything in time for December’s holiday season.


Building a street-facing Christmas display is a fun activity that the whole family can participate in. Light up the front of the home or keep things private and indoors. It’s all up to you how you want to maximize your Christmas budget and where you want to dress up for the occasion. Small touches do count for a lot though so no matter what you buy, give it some thought regarding where you hope to place your holiday lights and how many you need.


If you’re working with a garden or something similar, use what you have! Dress up a hedge or a tree with some holiday lights in the front yard. Make it festive and weave lights across the front of your property. Use lights to mimic the look of a Christmas tree or the aesthetic of snow. Go for something cool and white with exterior-grade lights or something more low key.


A gentle flicker is sometimes all you need to draw attention. No matter how you build your warm Christmas lights arrangement, shop it all at and save yourself a few bucks in the process. We’ve got it all this Christmas!

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