Is it Time to Upgrade your Coffee Espresso Machine – try this Coffee Maker at Half-Price!

Check out’s special holiday deal and upgrade your coffee maker at a fraction of the cost you’d pay elsewhere.


Think about it. From your first sip of coffee, everything about the start of your day happens right then and there. When all it is is an average cup of coffee, it’s very well possible your day’s just going to be average.


That said, if your cup is spectacular, that can put some kick in a person’s step. For this reason, investing in a high quality coffee maker is something you’ll appreciate day-in and day-out. Take advantage of this amazing online Boxing Day deal 2019 for a coffee maker from!


The 15-bar pump espresso machine and coffee maker is at nearly half-price at only $109.99. Included in this exclusive deal is fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada.


Your 2-in-1 espresso maker makes only the highest quality espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, and mokas. Whichever your variety is, it can handle it.


Rich-tasting espresso in creamy, silky coffee is far and away what this coffee maker is known for. Arguably, it’s what it does best. Every drop of espresso comes out tasting wonderful. With over 1,000 watts of high power heat behind it, prepare your drinks as quickly as ever.


Save $100s off of this espresso machine and other holiday sales in the catalogue. High-end coffee makers, espresso machines, and more are available. For this model, take in its stainless steel body, ergonomically designed handle, automated temperature control, and removable water reservoirs. There’s even a ‘preheat cup’ function which preheats your coffee cup in advance, ensuring the right temperature is achieved with every cup.


Needless to say, this isn’t your average coffee espresso machine. If you want average, go elsewhere. For quality, people come to We beat out all of our competitors, including Walmart, Amazon and others. Know you’ll get the best quality for the best price from Canada’s favourite eCommerce site,


For a limited time, with 50% off, the espresso machine is quite the bargain! Its’ creative design also makes it easy to place and fit into your kitchen. If you’re more of a cappuccino or latte person, no problem at all. There’s a range of different beverages this coffee machine can help make. As a top-rated system and second to none at the $100 price point, this is the coffee espresso machine deal you don’t want to miss out on this holiday season. Buy today from

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