Why you Don’t Want a Smart Home Coffee Maker – at least, Not Yet!

Imagine a smart home coffee maker. One that knows your every preference when it comes to how you want your brew made. Imagine a coffee maker that accepts voice commands from a voice-enabled device like Alexa.

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These types of coffee makers are just hitting the market this year and needless to say, they come with a hefty price tag. What they provide in convenience, to most people we’d like to think, it’s just not going to be worth paying the $100s one needs to have all the accessories and get everything you need to get it working.


Browsing Living.ca, we don’t believe in charging $100s just for a cup of coffee. For much less, receive a 12-cup coffee maker programmable perfect for home and office brews for just under $20. Or, we have a 2-in-1 single serve coffee maker perfect for ground and capsule also just under $20. If you want to pick up something extra to help you make your own coffee, we encourage you to check out our 150-watt stainless steel electric coffee grinder for $12.99.


And hey, if you want something more upscale, you can get it. Receive your very own espresso machine and coffee maker wrapped up into one with a 15-bar pump and steam wand for $109.99. Using this machine, you can make cappuccinos, lattes, and mokas. Enjoy pure espresso or a cup of coffee in no time with automatic temperature control, preheated coffee cup functionality, and a 1,050-watt high power heater.


As impressive as some smart home tech is, we don’t think any of these smart coffee makers are worth a look. At least, not yet. They’re not going to make you a better cup of coffee and, if anything, they’re likely to come with less features than what you’ll find on the models we’ve mentioned. Lastly, until the price comes down or until there’s a reason to have ‘smart home coffee’, it seems like a cash grab to us.


Maybe it’s just us but we grew up making our own cup of coffee and that’s the way we want it. While we understand the impact smart home technologies can have in aspects of security or electricity, we don’t really get the whole coffee maker deal. And, to be frank, it remains to be seen whether this is a product Canadians will accept or whether it’ll be a waste of your funds.


Shop coffee makers and espresso machines on discount from Living.ca. To us, as impressive as the idea of a smart home coffee maker is, coffee doesn’t need to be left to technology to prepare. Shop Living.ca today for all the best deals, discounts, and exclusives in Canada, and enjoy coffee the way you like it!


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