Give the Gift of New Small Appliances for the Kitchen this Valentine’s Day

Buying for someone who loves cooking this Valentine’s Day is so easy with Throughout our catalogue, you’ll find dozens of small appliances tailor-made for the kitchen on-sale from today until February 14.


Blender and mixer for smoothies – $99.99


There’s nothing that beats a high quality blender and mixer. It’ll be easier than ever to make smoothies and similar beverages. You and your partner can even start juicing! An extremely powerful tool in anyone’s health and fitness inventory, if you’re buying for someone this Valentine’s Day who loves a good fruit beverage, a blender like this might be one way into their heart.


12-cup programmable coffee maker – $22.99


Although it’s a little boring, a multi-cup programmable coffee maker is almost a necessity in this day and age. If you’re buying for a coffee lover and they don’t already have a coffee maker, you know what you got to do. It’s easily one of the healthiest ways to prepare coffee and as trendy as a French press might be, before long, a coffee maker’s going to be their go-to.


3.7-litre deep fryer with basket – $39.99


Sure, fried foods aren’t the sort of thing we can eat every day but once in a while, it just tastes so, so good! For Valentine’s Day, a deep fryer might not be an obvious choice but believe us when we say in the long-term, it’ll come to be deeply appreciated! A 1,500-watt stainless steel deep fryer is a great purchase for any couple that doesn’t already have one because it opens up a whole new set of foods you can make – including fries, chicken, fish, donuts, hushpuppies, and all sorts of salty and/or sugary treats.


Digital countertop convection oven – $86.99


An extra-large digital countertop convection oven is a perfect buy for a range of foods. It’ll save on time and electricity, as an alternative to a normal-sized oven. Features include aluminum-plated steel and a 42-litre capacity. Use the roast rack to make a chicken, heat up a range of foods, or take advantage of the curved interior to cook a 12” pizza. The double-sided heating technology included in this convection oven also ensures your food’s being heated from the top and bottom evenly.


Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. If you’re still searching for Valentine’s Day gifts that are unique and fun for your loved one, find these products and other kitchen items from!

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