Instead of Buying Flowers for Valentine’s Day, Grow your Own with Lawn Garden Products

Valentine’s Day is a precursor to the lovely spring times ahead, when flowers bloom and our gardens really begin to take shape. If you’re buying for someone this Valentine’s Day who appreciates blooms and leaves, these are a few products they can take with them through this year’s exploration of Mother Nature and all that it has to provide.


4-tier mini greenhouse


Get started on your garden early this 2019 season using this 4-tier portable greenhouse, or try purposing this greenhouse post-summer to keep your plants healthy throughout next winter. Buying fresh flowers is nothing like growing your own. If your sweetheart appreciates the joys of gardening, they may not necessarily know they have the option of owning a tiny portable greenhouse like this one. It could make for the most perfect unexpected Valentine’s Day gift!


Collapsible, folding outdoor wagon


If you’ve got a sizeable garden that’s more than just a little patch, buying a folding outdoor wagon that’s also collapsible can be a great place to store gardening items and/or to take gardening products with you as you complete your work. On the day of all things Cupid and love, a gift like a collapsible wagon might seem a little on the dull side but for someone who really needs it, it’s going to make gardening that much easier for them.


Seedling heat mat for plants


One of the most inexpensive Valentine’s Day gifts on this list, the waterproof seedling heat mat is perfect to increase the germination of vegetables, herbs, flowers, and other plants. For gardeners who have struggled with seedlings and cuttings in the past, a heat mat for plants is exactly what can be used to increase success. This heat mat will warm the root area up to 5.5-11 Celcius above air temperature, is waterproof, and is easily placed in different sized seedling bowls and trays.


7-piece all-in-1 gardening tool set


If you’re buying for an amateur gardener or someone who doesn’t necessarily have the proper tools to garden, our 7-piece all-in-one garden tool set provides a seat, a storage back, and five stainless steel tools. It’s an absolutely great start to anyone’s spring-summer 2019 gardening experience. Give your love everything they need to make gardening easy and simple. Instead of shopping these same tools at your local store where you might pay twice or three times as much for everything together, get them all on-sale for Valentine’s Day from Living

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