Detox your Skin with these 4 Face Masks from’s Cosmetics

Now that the onslaught of the holidays have passed, all the food’s been eaten, all the gifts have been opened, and the New Year’s set in, January’s a time for you.

It’s time to set yourself up for a successful year and with that, giving your face some rejuvenation is never a bad idea. Clearing up your pores and letting your skin breathe, choose from any of these 4 detoxifying face masks.


Mediheal Black Eye Anti-wrinkle Mask – $2.39

anti-wrinkle mask |
anti-wrinkle mask |

Specific to around the eyes, this anti-wrinkle mask is made from 600 mg of hydrolyzed collagen. Using it, you’ll notice a difference in your skin’s elasticity and it’ll help moisturize the more delicate areas around the eyes. Snuggle in with a good back in your most comfortable bathrobe, and enjoy its mix of phyto black complex, marine collagen, and silk peptide.


JM Solution Luminous Silky Cocoon Mask – $1.79


The Water luminous silky cocoon mask in black from JM Solution is a transparent hydrating experience that’s designed to hold the moisture in. The nourishing cocoon extract coats your complexion, giving it some plump. The sheet used comes with a watery essence providing nourishment. You’ll also enjoy the triple hyaluronic acids that helps to set in the moisturizer.


Mediheal Cacao Vita ADE Mask – $1.79


Fresh, effective ingredients are used in this Mediheal cacao mask to provide your skin with concentrated nutrition. Keep your face moist with one of our favourite anti-oxidant masks, delivering all that attention direct into your pores. Unwind while wearing this face mask which’ll help support the removal or any residue and gunk you don’t want hanging around.


Dr. Jart Mask Combo Soothing Hydra Solution and Deep Hydration – $9.99


Use these cellulose sheet masks to hydrate your skin and replenish its moisture in a way few other masks can. If you want to rid your skin of troublesome wrinkles or dry skin, consider this combo pack of both the Dermask water jet Soothing Hydra Solution mask and the Vital Hydra Solution deep hydration sheet mask.


Shop these 4 face masks and more from Try them for yourself and give your skin the deep cleanse it deserves. If you end up picking up a nice bouquet of face masks, you can try them with friends and throw yourself a little party. Judge for yourself how you feel afterwards. Remove impurities, purify your skin, and get it all on the che

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