Cosmetic Face Masks are More Important than Ever in 2019 to Millennials!

Creators of facial masks everywhere are tapping into a segment of the audience demanding trendy cosmetic and effective skincare products. The cosmetic face mask market has grown tremendously in the last two decades, bringing ingredients from as far away as Japan to North America and winning the hearts of millennials all over.

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Natural, organic wet and dry masks are all the rage right now, as the global facial mask and skincare industry continues to expand. Through careful ingredient sourcing, innovative product launches, and engaging brand initiatives, a handful of companies are working wonders at capturing the attention of millennials.


Where a lot of the latest trends are coming from are serving teens between 13-17 years of age. Interest in beauty and personal care in this demographic is surprisingly strong, even with their purchasing power being what it is. Teens are influenced by what they see millennials doing and responsively, they’re seeing face masks as something to take on.


A huge positive for cosmetic face masks and why they’re so important is because they’re very much their own culture. In many cases, they’re marketed what they do to the skin and how they look. Selfie-taking is encouraged and sharing on social media is easy. Targeting younger demographics has resulted in cosmetic face masks appearing very trendy right now. Celebrities and social media influencers have even jumped on board with these masks, sharing face mask selfies on Instagram. Today, almost 45 percent of all North American skin care shoppers between 18-24 believe cosmetic facial masks to be very selfie-friendly.


Another reason why facial masks have won audience is that these companies generally tend to be very good with their marketing and use buzz words on the regular. Things like ‘healthy’, ‘natural’, ‘organic’, ‘pain-free alternative’, ‘rejuvenation’, ‘restoration’, ‘vibrant’, ‘youthful’, and more appeal to the millennial generation. A mix of active organic-driven keywords, mentions of natural ingredients or botanical infusions, and hints of the results one can achieve make for effective marketing.


Needless to say, men and women alike in Canada and the US are using cosmetic masks in 2019. They’re using them to look younger, take care of dry skin, eliminate blackheads, clear up acne, and so much more. As an alternative treatment method for various skincare conditions, these facial masks are also so much easier than other methods. If you’re looking for fun, on-trend cosmetic facial masks to help get your skin back to looking youthful, feeling tight, and looking amazing, check in with The most affordable, high quality cosmetic facial masks in Canada are found here!

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