4 Small Appliances from Living.ca that will Change the Way you Cook at Home

For many Canadians looking to eat healthier, the unfortunate problem is oftentimes a need to buy new small appliances which are difficult to afford to be able to make the Internet’s long list of ‘healthy recipes’. Needless to say, the world has come a long way from when the microwave was the only small appliance you needed in the kitchen. Here are Living.ca’s best 4 small appliances for healthy eaters.

Multi-use programmable pressure cooker

Pressure cooker cooks food at a high temperature and is an easy purchase because of the different foods it has the potential to make. Living.ca’s 16-in-1 multi-use pressure cooker can be used to make multi-grain, meat stews, white rice, brown rice, steamed vegetables, soup, beans, poultry, pastas, steamed potatoes, as a hot pot, to saute or brown, to boil, to bake, to reheat, and/or for yogurt.

Digital countertop convection oven

A convection oven is not quite a toaster oven. This is a different style of oven which sits on your counter and which makes cooking so much easier. To cook meals, many employ innovative heating technologies. They cook foods evenly, allowing you to toss in all sorts of foods together without having to cook them separately. The ability to cook a full meal is a huge element of what makes Living.ca’s countertop convection oven so appealing to young couples and Canadian families.

Sous vide machines

Sous vide machines is a method of cooking wherein your food is placed in a bag which is then submerged in water. In water, it’s then cooked at a set temperature until done. The results with a sous vide immersion cooker are always delicious – with the right ingredients, don’t get us wrong. Meats like prime rib and salmon taste amazing coming out from a sous vide. There’s even some who have made cheesecake in it!

Professional smoothies blender

The last small appliance from Living.ca to make our list is a professional smoothies blender. Make juice, milkshakes, smoothies, grind nuts, make spices, or mix batters, and more with 1,500 watts of power. A blender is great to have in the kitchen as it give all those fruits and vegetables an opportunity to combine and make some truly delightful drinks.

Browse these 4 small appliances and others from Living.ca. Change the way you do breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Whether you’re living alone, as a couple, have a family, or are retired, there’s no reason not to treat yourself! Shop with Living.ca today.

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