How to keep your Hair Strong, Shiny, and Gorgeous no Matter the Weather!

Seasonal changes have an effect on our hair as well as our skin. During colder months, we tend to lose more hair than we would during warmer seasons. Like our skin, hair problems can be aggravated by the season, ranging from dandruff to more hair breakage, to hair looking thinner than usual, split ends, and more.

Then, there are chemical-based hair care products which can provide some temporary gloss at the expense of long-term hair health. If any of this is a concern to you, there are thankfully a number of things you can do to help your hair along, keeping it strong, shiny, and gorgeous no matter what it looks outside.

The whole look of your hair relies first on a high quality shampoo. There are some absolutely amazing shampoos on the market, some of which pull from natural extracts to produce positive results in your hair. Maintaining healthy hair begins by including a quality shampoo into your regular hair care routine.

Alongside shampoo, there’s obviously the need for a high quality conditioner. Don’t miss the importance of using a conditioner. It’s a post-shampoo necessity that will soften and smooth strands after they’ve been through cleansing. After all, you wouldn’t strip your face with some cleanser and not follow it up with a moisturizer immediately afterwards. It’s the same thing with conditioners. These are moisturizing agents, pulling ingredients from oils and emollients to make your hair look absolutely gorgeous.

In extreme weather, a hair’s moisture can be threatened which means sometimes oil might be recommended. Hair care products like hair oil, used once or twice a week, can promote nourished hair and a strong scalp. Even in moments where the moisture’s being literally sucked from the top of your head, hair oils can prevent breaking and keep your hair looking great.

There are several nourishing hair creams which can help lock in moisture and which a lot of Canadians with great hair absolutely love. There are some common ingredients in hair care products to keep in mind when searching them out. Ideally, you want what you’re putting in your hair to be as natural as possible and without chemicals. For example, bhringaraja is a herbal component effective in promoting hair growth, strengthening hair, and maintaining overall hair health.

Bhringaraja aside, there are numerous other components which can influence a hair’s look. Amla treats the scalp and hair, helping to maintain hair color, delay premature greying, and also strengthens the strands. Palasha is native to India and Southeast Asia, and is known to promote hair growth. Chickpeas are also very nourishing for the hair, keeping it healthy and strong just like it does when we eat them. Ultimately, so many ingredients and products go into keeping hair growing and strong.

Featured Photo by Juliana Stein from Pexels

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