5 Underrated Kitchen and Dining Sale Items in Canada You’ll Want to See this August!

Change the way you work in your kitchen with discounts and special sales on products like these from Living.ca. Although browsing our catalogue, you can save $100s off small kitchen appliances, accessories, and tech, these are a few products that oftentimes will get left off the favourites list. Regardless, they’re well worth adding to your summer kitchen and dining haul this August.

Stainless steel napkin holder

The combination of stainless steel and bamboo in this luxe designed napkin holder is the perfect addition to any dinner party-friendly kitchen. Help keep your napkins dry and organized on countertops or at the kitchen table. Perfect for picnics or buffets, the weighted pivoting arm will help to keep everything neat in place.

Luciano smiley face spoons

Cute to no end, Luciano’s smiley face spoons are an adorable addition to the kitchen. Kids love to see these end up in their bowls of soup or cereal. They can be used to mix in the kitchen and come in a variety of colors making them easy to put out on special occasions, holidays, or birthdays. For anyone who loves to bake or entertain, this is also a great gift for them.

Luciano Smiley Face Spoons


Stainless steel pour-over kettle

Complete with a thermometer and coffee dripper filter, Canada’s ultimate stainless steel pour-over kettle set is here. The built-in thermometer ensures the water’s heated to just the right temperature, the gooseneck spout helps for pouring, and the stainless steel lasting ensures resistance against rust, scratching, and discoloration.

Frying pan organizer

Difficult to place, pesky frying pans can add a sense of disorganization to a kitchen counter, cabinet, or shelf. Don’t let that be the case. A frying pan organizer for the kitchen can accommodate any size pan, pot lid, or anything similarly shaped. Save cabinet and countertop space in a big way while keeping your frying pans looking tidy.

Porcelain blue and white round plates

This appetizer plates set of 4 are great for serving things like soy sauce, dipping sauces, side veggies, fruits, or snacks. The porcelain blue and white round plates are made from high quality porcelain, so durable and sturdy. For breakfast or brunch, or afternoon dinner parties, they add some prestige that can be tough to find in dishes of this nature.

These are some of Living.ca’s underrated kitchen and dinner sale items not to be forgotten. In need of a new kitchen or dinner setting look? Find it here. See markdowns, affordable pricing. Replace kitchen items, upgrade others, and shop sales exclusives through Canada’s own Living.ca.

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