How to Make Your Own Trail Mix for Travel

For lovers or trail mix, the decision to buy a pre-made bag or make your own is something we all eventually come to.

There are trail mixes out there for almost everyone, from gluten-intolerant individuals to vegans, to the chocolate-obsessed. Here’s a little bit on where we recommend taking your trail mix making journey down.

Buying trail mix

For high quality trail mix, you want to stay away from anything with too much sugar or salt. There are several excellent trail mixes out there that focus on nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. At its core, these three elements can prove to be very useful in discovering what the right trail mix is for you.

PRANA, for example, has a trail mix of almonds, goji berries, and cranberries, with a seed mix. Something like this is a very high protein, energy-giving trail mix that has natural sugars from the berries and a plant-based protein source in the almonds. Though salt isn’t the enemy, in trail mix sometimes it can get out of hand with how much some manufacturers toss in. PRANA also has premium salty trail mix that pulls from salted nuts and is one of the healthier, organic trail mixes focused on salt.

You also have bags of trail mix that can be a little more experimental such as the PRANA mix of exotic fruits and nuts. It doesn’t hurt to have a few different trail mixes on hand and if you’ve decided to buy more than one variety, this is a great way to keep your taste buds on their toes.

Making your own trail mix

Are you rejecting the bags of trail mix that sit on the shelf – you’re not alone. More Canadians than ever are creating their own trail mixes from ingredients they buy themselves. It’s not hard!

Nuts are a great starting point, such as some sea salt almonds. These have the salt. From there, something sugary but not unhealthy can help create a nice balance. For this, we recommend maple nuts.

Once you have your balance of salt and sugar down to where you like it, you can then focus on altering the crunch or taste of what you’re working with by adding in fringe ingredients such as coconut chips.

You can also choose to dry your own fruit or add in some dark chocolate bites. What you have for your trail mix is all up to you. A healthy trail mix fitting your needs and wants is what’s most important. Feel encouraged to experiment a little!

Featured Photo by Frans Van Heerden from Pexels

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