Advantages of Synthetic Makeup Brushes vs. Natural Hair

Skilled makeup artists or self-proclaimed beauty gurus working from home know how integral selection of brush and applicator is to their day to day routine. Highly expensive products rely entirely on how it’s applied to look correct and as intended.

There are two types of makeup brushes, synthetic and natural. The natural brushes you will find come from animal hair while the synthetics tend to pull from nylon or polyester fibres. Although many may assume that natural is the way to go with this, more are switching to synthetics and here’s why.

To manufacture natural makeup brushes, one has to kill an animal. Every year, millions are killed to produce these brushes, including ponies, squirrels, and minks. Is it worth it to keep killing these animals just so we have an all-natural makeup kit – absolutely not. Fortunately, with the way synthetics are made today, there’s a number of advantages to making the switch.

Healthy texture

Natural bristles become sharp over time with repeated use. Synthetic brushes are meant to keep healthy, soft texture even after years have gone by. With eye-makeup brushes in particular, it’s very advantageous to know you’re not going to hurt your eyes with an old, harsh natural brush.

More hygienic

Natural brushes have cracks and ridges that catch makeup. Synthetic makeup brushes don’t, allowing you to pick up more makeup and which provides an easier clean.

More effective

Because synthetic brushes have been designed in the way they are manufactured, they absorb more product which means less wastage. Liquid and cream-based products are used more effectively, and the least amount of makeup possible gets wasted.

No skin reaction

Natural hair can potentially lead to a skin allergic reaction or the development of acne. You will never see anything similar happen with a synthetic brush. If you have sensitive skin, you pretty much don’t have a choice. Always go with a synthetic brush.

Longer lifespan

Animal hair is prone to breakage and deterioration, no different than human hair. Synthetic brushes don’t carry the same degradation over time. They also don’t shed like natural makeup brushes. As if we haven’t already provided enough reason to consider moving away from ‘natural’, you get more value long-term from synthetics.

Considering the advantages of synthetic makeup brushes, it’s time to put a stop to the animal killing. Switch to synthetics and let’s do away with natural brushes. It’s an excellent idea for a healthy diet. It’s not so similar for makeup application. Natural’s an all-around horrible idea, practice, and concept to allow to continue. Join in choosing cruel-free makeup application.

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  1. All mone are synthetic, originally because of my skin , but also I was pretty turned off when I saw a video explaining how they got the hair from the animals . Poor animals .

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