Thanksgiving Long Weekend Ideas – Hiking and Camping

Thanksgiving hits Canada this year on the October 10-14 long weekend. A lot of families will celebrate with a turkey or alternatively, something a little more vegetarian. Others will want different.

Did you know this may be one of the last long weekends of the year to get in an adventure? Canada gets cold very quickly! Grab your sleeping bag and equipment, and go camping or even for a day hike.

A great Thanksgiving long weekend idea to take up is a hike in one of Canada’s local national parks. Depending on where you may be located, there may also be local campgrounds to explore. October’s hardly an ideal camping month so some may even be offering lower than average pricing. If camping’s on your trajectory, it can be a nice couples weekend. Just remember to grab your waterproof camping tent and set yourself up for success.

If going out somewhere in the cold is a little much to dedicate your entire long weekend to, backyard hanging out isn’t such a bad idea either. You can even make it a family tradition, camping in the backyard for a night on Thanksgiving weekend.

You’ll want not only a tent to protect against wind and rain but a double waterproof sleeping bag with pillows is an excellent investment. Although it can fit two campers comfortably, you can create two completely detached camping bags from the one – an added benefit for families, couples, or friends.

Now, for some, overnight in the Canadian cold isn’t going to work. It’ll be miserable, uncomfortable, and just not a good way to spend the long weekend. For these people, hiking trails locally be a nice way to get in some activity and fresh air without overdoing it or taking someone out of their comfort zone. Throw on a water-resistant light hiking backpack where you can store everything you and your hiking partner need. If they’re not experienced, you may consider packing some snacks for them.

Another way to add something special to a Thanksgiving weekend, especially if there are plans for backyard fun, is to hang a high-strength two-person hammock swing chair. For any homeowners with a big, beautiful, lonely tree in their yard, here’s something you can do to give people a reason to hang out and enjoy company outdoors.

It’s not always obvious what to do come Thanksgiving weekend. We hope we’ve provided at least a few ideas. Hiking and camping are super fun but walking in unprepared can lead to disaster, especially if you’re with someone who is uncomfortable or who wouldn’t normally be venturing out into the wilderness. Pick up some basic hiking gear and camping stuff from

Featured Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger from Pexels

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