Why Pet Owners Should Consider an Automatic Pet Feeder

Pets love food and they love being fed. From the time they’re puppies and kittens to dogs and cats, they wait all day for the sound of those bites of food hitting their bowl. Unfortunately, in households with multiple pets, this can be trouble. Sometimes they eat each other’s food or sometimes one of them will eat all the food, leaving anyone else waiting. If you have a cat particularly round and one who’s thinner, this might be why.

Enter in an automatic pet feeder. What a feeder like this does is time out when a pet’s to be fed and does it all under a pre-defined portion control program. For years, many people would purchase automatic pet feeders like this to provide their pet with food while they’re gone on vacation or away on business. For when they couldn’t find a decent pet sitter or someone to supervise their pet, a feeder worked.

Contemporary feeder designs take things a step further and are used by busy pet owners every day. They’re used predominantly for portion control. Is your pup or cat looking a little bigger or have they been officially diagnosed as obese? This is very common. Just like we overfeed ourselves sometimes, we can do the same to our dogs and cats. In an effort to maintain a healthy weight, an automatic pet feeder can do a number of things. Here’s some features you can play with.

  • Schedule up to 4 feedings a day.
  • Define how much food you want to give your pets.
  • Store up to 7 litres of dry food.
  • Have a battery backup to ensure even in a power outage, your dog or cat’s getting their food.
  • If you want, you can also record a 10-second voice recording to play to get your pets to come to the feeding station.

Do you know how many of Canada’s 17.1 million dogs and cats are officially declared as overweight or obese? Estimates suggest as many as 9.3 million – that’s over half. Pet obesity is on the rise and though we may not be intentionally trying to overfeed our dogs, automatic pet feeding on a schedule minimizes any sort of unhealthy eating habits that there may be in the house with the animals. It gives you complete control over what pets are eating, when, and allows you to identify any sort of dietary issues that may be plaguing their care.

Get a high quality automatic pet feeder in Canada from Living.ca. For your pets, doing this you can instantly reduce the risks of osteoarthritis, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart and respiratory disease, decreased life expectancy, and some forms of cancer.

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Featured Photo by Kasuma from Pexels

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