What is Pour Over Coffee and Is It Better Than Brewed – read here!

Pour-over coffee may very well be the best way to have a cup of coffee. Here us out on this! Machine-drip coffee is fine but it’s not this detailed. French press brew is sure convenient but is nowhere near this clean and bright. Pour-overs are also a lot safer than stove-top percolating. Coffee snobs may have given it a bad name but after you’ve had a cup of pour-over coffee, you’ll find out there’s no disputing the deliciousness.

How to make pour-over coffee involves more effort than pressing a button on a machine. Unfortunately this is going to turn off a lot of people. For those focused on having the absolute best cup of coffee though, pour-over is a method that works. First, grind your coffee beans. Second, add them to the paper cone inserted inside the pour-over container. Carefully pour water over top. What you get in your cup from there is bright and flavorful, and free from any bitterness.

Now there are a lot of variables at play here, just like with other coffee methods. How hot your water’s got to be, the water-to-coffee ratio, how often the filter is rinsed, and the exact style of pour also has an impact. Where regular drip coffee methods often fall flat is that they don’t wet the coffee grounds evenly. This equates to an unfulfilled extraction. Hand-pouring water, there’s so much more control and you evenly distribute across the entirety of what’s in the filter.

If you’re looking at how to make the best cup of coffee for yourself, don’t let the work-intensive nature of this method turn you off. The benefits are immediately evident. It’s cheaper compared to electric coffee makers, easy to maintain including being dishwasher-safe, and gives you a greater amount of control over the coffee flavor outcome. Also, the fact that it doesn’t involve any hot plate means the coffee isn’t continuing to cook after the brew is done. Will pour-over coffee turn you into one of those dreaded ‘coffee snobs’ – well, it just might. The taste is that good!

Now we come to the big question. Is pour-over coffee better than brewed? When you need something quick, brewed coffee is easy. It’s not going to give you the taste of a pour-over though. Experienced coffee drinkers prefer pour-over because of the benefits in taste. Put on some podcasts or music and have yourself a little pour-over in the morning. The extra few minutes dedicated to this activity will pan out so well, getting you off on the right foot for the day.

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Stainless Steel Pour Over Kettle With Thermometer and Coffee Dripper

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