4 Best Soothing Bath Products to Use in a Relaxing, Calm, Warm Bath

We don’t always have the time to fully enjoy a bath or shower. When we do though, make it special. At least once a week, give yourself the luxurious feeling of a spa-like bath hour. Let the soothing hot water rush around your body and treat yourself to some time alone. Here’s the relaxing bath products to help get you going.

Bathing tools

No one has a bath body spa hour without a few bathing tools. Don’t be scrambling for empty bottles of shampoo or a clean towel. Remember, this is YOUR time. Let everything else fade out and away. A basket of beauty and bath tools on sale right now from Living.ca offers everything you need – a large soft bath towel, a body shower cleaning loofah, a back scrubber body sponge, an exfoliating glove, a pumice foot stone, and your bonus hand roller massage.

Beauty and Bath Tools, Set of 7 Pieces
  • On Sale

Cotton soft spa robe

You don’t just want any other bathroom robe. You want a cotton soft bath robe. The plush terry-cotton feels great against the body before and after your bath. For men and women both, cotton’s breathable, strong, and this particular robe is made from zero twist fibers. So soft, it’s absorbent and quick drying, machine washable, and perfect for any bath, pool, or hot tub. Comfort’s just a click away.

Soft Cotton Spa Robe
  • Small

Bamboo bathtub caddy tray

Do you really want an amazing bath time – check out this bamboo bathtub caddy tray. With extendable sides and a reading rack, you can use it to hold wine, your smartphone, books, a tablet, and more. Although we normally recommend keeping your phone away, a tray like this allows you to set up a tablet to watch a movie, to enjoy a glass of bubbly, or to enjoy a bowl of strawberries. This tray should fit into any household’s bathtub, extending outwards towards the sides. It’s also 100% natural eco-friendly in design, foldable, odor-resistant, rustproof, and fast-drying.

SortWise™ Bamboo Bathtub Caddy
  • On Sale

Bath pillow

Bathtubs aren’t all built alike. For a lot of us, we have to crane our necks in the tub. This doesn’t relax. In fact, it does the opposite, adding stress on the shoulders and neck. A bath pillow gives you the chance to recline gently. The pillow is also fully inflatable so you can adjust it to your comfort. Suction cups are on the back to secure it. Once the pillow is in place, lay down in your bath and forget about the cold, harsh world that lay outside this hot, steamy room.

Small Bath Pillow

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