Pros And Cons of Modular Shelves, Storage, And Organization

Modular storage is a big hit with the condo class, occupying space in units across cities like Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver.

They combine convenient, portable design with modern trends in interior design and offer a flexible, affordable way to organize wardrobe and more.

If you’re considering adding some modular organizers to your home, here is a quick pros-and-cons list.

Pro – Flexibility in Design

Modular storage can be used for anything from storing clothes to shoes, books, toys, and household plants. They’re very flexible in function and design, many pieces of modular organization allow for some customization.

Pro – They Save Space

If you aren’t fortunate enough to have the storage already built in on your unit, you can easily add it yourself. Modular shelving can be placed almost anywhere in a condo, apartment, or home. Fit them neatly where you need storage the most.

Con – Heavy Isn’t Good

Don’t expect modular organization to be where you put your dumbbells and machinery. These shelves can’t necessarily bear the weight of heavier items, especially if it’s made from plastic. Fortunately, there are modular shelves meant for heavier loads. Do your research, look at customer reviews, and consider the added expense.

Pro – Easy to Install

Modular shelves and storage are easy to assemble and disassemble. If you’re a renter, this is excellent. They aren’t going to create any damage to the unit and if you have to move, any modular storage can easily be taken down and with you. No hammer. No nails. For novices at modular storage, there’s not much to it.

Pro – They Look Modern

Modular isn’t your traditional storage option. It looks contemporary, trendy, and urban. Renters adore them in large part because of the aesthetic which holds appeal over more traditional shelving systems.

Con – Some Are Built Cheap

Modular shelves in Canada are very affordable. Sometimes, they can also be built very, very cheap. If you want modular shelves, look for a reliable brand that you trust.’s a great place to start. There, you’ll find a number of cube-based portable wardrobe closets and a collection of modular organization.

Pro – Take It With You

Modular cube units go with you wherever you move to. They’re creatively designed, are waterproofed and dust-resistant, and can easily be repurposed or redesigned to fit a new apartment, condo, or room.

Browse wardrobe cabinets, interlocking modular cube units, customizable modular storage options, and more from Add simple, lightweight storage to your home and have the organization every household deserves.

Featured photo by James Hollingworth on Unsplash

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