How to Use An Ice Ball to Infuse Whiskey, Scotch, Cocktails, And More

Spherical balls of ice in alcoholic beverages. You may have seen them before, used in scotch, whiskey, cocktails, and other drinks. They are sometimes used to bring out the taste, to chill or dilute the liquor, or to add some extra flavor.

There are a lot of approaches to using ice balls, the main one is to chill a drink. A jumbo ice ball does chilling rather well and can do so without diluting the alcohol. Though you can let it melt, dilute, and ultimately combine with your drink, you don’t have to. A ball’s specialty is ultimately chilling and keeping drinks cold.

How you make a jumbo ice ball starts with the right tool. A Prepara jumbo ice ball maker is everything you need in a single kit to get it done. Create 2.5” round orbs of cold ice, ready for beverages of any type.

Ice Ball Tray – Prepara

All you have to do to make an ice ball is fill the mold and put it in your freezer. Think of it like a large spherical ice cube tray. Once your ice is ready, crack it open and drop it in your drink. It matches well with sodas, waters, and more as well.

The amazing thing that not a lot of people do when creating ice balls to infuse into whiskey, cocktails, and other beverages is customizing them. They don’t just have to be ice. You can essentially use the molds to make ice out of anything. Some people use juice. Other people will take lemon or lime pieces and create ice from those. You can also use mint leaves, berries, cherries, and so much more.

Why ice balls work so well is because of the simple calculation of volume and surface area. A sphere has less surface area than a similarly sized ice cube, estimated at 24 percent less approximately. This means it melts slower compared to the traditional ice cube. Add to that additional volume and you have a perfect recipe for something that’s going to keep your beverage cold for far longer than what a cube of ice would.

Prepara has been a growing brand name for these type of beverage accessories. The brand carries spirits infusers, juicers, oak infusion spirals, and whiskey stones. Depending on the vibe you want to create with your drinks, any of these can offer a whole new gamut of possibilities on alcoholic beverages.

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